Why bella Ciao song got the position of theme song for money heist?


Bella ciao song got so much attention on the social media after the song was introduced as the theme song for the season 4 of famous Spanish Netflix series LA CASA DE PAPEL  aka money heist.

This song is sung by the manu pillas for the season but he is not the only person who sang this song first time in the history, you will be amazed to know that this song is basically the folk Italian anthem and two major events of Italian history are related to this song.

Story line:

The song was first introduced in the season by the professor and Berlin his older brother, which gives the little insight about what the actual meaning this song carries. The whole song clearly revolves around the life of professor according to the series but in actual this song carries a lot of shocking and interesting meanings. Both brothers learned this song from their grandfather who fought against the Germans during the civil war , gives the so much  importance to this song.

History and importance:

The word bella ciao means the beautiful women and It is surprisingly shocking to know that this song always used in the history against the anti fascist and to get the freedom. The song was first sung in the history by women of Italy who was rice padded workers and they want freedom from their landlords that forced all the women to work above of their capacities. The author of this song is still unknown no one knows that who wrote this amazing song which is clearly related to every event comprising on the fight for freedom.

Secondly, during the civil war When the Nazis took over the Italy  this song still sounded in the air and became the anthem for the people to get the freedom from the cruelty of hitler. Apart from this a lot of people had been killed by hitler and Nazis and there was the mass murder in the history but still this song gives the goose bumps to the people who knows the actual truth and meaning of this song.

The young generation was unknown about this song but the money heist gave very warm welcom to this song again in the music industry by making it the theme song of Italian Netflix season money heist.

Popularity and reasons:

Recent event that is related to this song is world singing this song during the time of pandemic as the sign of solidarity and to give tribute to the doctors and workers who are working in this dangerous situation. Apart from the lyrics the video of this song also gives so much deep messages that need to understand. The red hoodies that are being used in the video is considered the sign of freedom and liberty during the time revolutions and the second prop message in the video is the use of masks that got so much popularity beside the song. The mask that is being used in the movie shows the anti fascist of nazi during the civil war and it also shows the end of capitalism. This song is not coincidently become the theme song but it is strongly work with the theme of season that is resistance and in the end of season 3 the last line was then it was a war clearly supports the notion of using this song in the season.

Core meaning:

The core meaning of the song says that if I die as the soldier please burry me under the mountains under the shadow of the beautiful flower and for the soldier the shadow of beautiful flower is the freedom.


The central theme of the song is related to such empowering anthem that has very strong history gives same popularity to the song and the season as well. This folk anthem as the theme song of already popular season is just like cherry on the top of cheesecake. Money heist is the most popular and most watched non English season around the world with the audience of 14 million and this song on the YouTube also has 91 million views that is quite a high achievement for a TV series.