Why see you again song from fast and furious become every ones favorite?

·        Popularity:

Song see you again sung by the Charlie puth and the wiz khalifa is the second most listened song on the whole YouTube with the viewers of 3.1 billion which is exactly the half of an entire world population. If you have already saw the video of this song on the internet you came across a lot of heart touching and capturing insights which could be one of the reason for the hit of this song.

·        History:

In 2013 when the fast and furious 7 was being filming and all the things are getting quite well  then there is the shocking death of the lead character of movie paul walker in the car accident. The death of walker shattered many people around the world including his friends, family and fans around the world.

Despite of this great loss the producers and directors have to finish this movie without their lead character and beside this they want to present tribute to the late walker.

·        Concept and storyline:

The concept of this tribute gave rise to the concept of song see you again which clearly depicts the meaning of seeing adead person again when this world is over. This song is the start of golden phase of Charlie puth's career. This song is the complete combination of rap and pop music. The rap and pop alone cannot get so much attention alone but this combination is way so worth listening. In the start the song starts with the soft and polite voice of Charlie puth which gives goose bumps to the listeners because you are listening this song after you know about the death of Paul walker. This song creates the sensation of sadness as the image of Paul walker appears on the screen the voice of Charlie puth and the pictures of late Paul walker makes the people so emotional. When the rap of wiz khalifa starts the slideshow of pictures of Paul walker with his friends also start appearing on the screen which can surely make you emotional because you know the person in the pictures died in a tragic car accident.

At the end the white screen appears which states heart wrenching words "for the Paul walker" that creates the so much sadness for the viewers and for the fans for sure.

·        Message and reasons:

After watching this music video a lot of people got so much emotional because the directors and producers worked so hard to create the emotional impact on the viewers. The most beautiful part of this song is the sweet voice of Charlie puth which gives life to the lyrics and the rap of wiz khalifa is also the best combination with the sweet voice of the Charlie puth. The song clearly explains the reality of life that every person has to die in this world and we will see each other in another world after the death.

·        Conclusions:

The music the voices and the scenes all are just perfect. There is no question why everyone around the world liked this song and still liking it in 2020 because every one somehow lose someone in their life that can never be alive or they can never be meet them again in life. This song can be associated with the death of any loved one and surely lots of people get emotional and they also related this songs with their loved ones. This song is the perfect tribute to paul walker and the perfect to tell his contributions and memories in the Hollywood industry. This song gives the lesson to all the people who are struggling with the grief of losing the loved ones to accept the death of the gone people and get themselves out of the denial. This song also gives the hope of meeting the dead loved ones again at some point of life. It is the complete blend of love, optimism, sadness and little bit of emotions. Clearly A huge hit in the Hollywood industry and this song deserves the same appreciation it got in the past years.